Sunday, August 3, 2014

Light, gone

Last time I updated you I mentioned being put on Ritalin to try to boost me out of this ridiculous depression that has had me locked in for oh so long.
Well, as of a few days ago, despite it doing what now seems like wonders, I am off of it.
I had a seemingly small but incredibly annoying and worsening reaction to it.
My legs were shaking. And it worsened to the point that they shook so bad, even when standing, that I constantly trembled. It was a rare occasion that I was able to find a position that they could relax and be still.
I was advised by a nurse, after having missed 2 days worth of doses due to a clerical error, to go ahead and stop it because of the reaction.
Since then I have noticed just how much it really was helping.
Since stopping I have been sleeping later, wanting to retreat from life more again and I find that my mind is not as clear as it had been. While I realized at the time that I was able to get up easier and had a little more energy I didn't fully realize the positive impact it truly had. And now that I'm off of it I miss it. While the shaking still has not resolved, it is improving which I'm thankful for.
So that's where I'm at most recently with my medication challenges.

Hoping you're all well-

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